Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed by an artist I admired before. Not even Chuck Dixon’s homophobia disgusted me as much as this.

You know what? If you think women, ANY woman, need YOUR seal of approval to dress up like a cha
racter she likes, or just thinks is pretty? If you think YOU get to decide which girls are “Legitimate Nerds” and which ones you get to slut-shame, while working in the same industry, for the same publishers, ON THE SAME BOOKS, that publish book after book full of scantly clad female characters? If you think YOU get to say “Yer not Comics”, as if YOU are the embodiment of Comics, Mr. Tony Effing Harris? Well, I say, as a 35 years old comic book reading fan, YOUR mysosynistic brand of bile is not Comics. Kindly choke on your own hate.

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