Lovely little 3-page story for the Stronghold RPG that jamesgf was kind enough to illustrate for me. All good and wonderful things are his doing, all unclearnesses and inconsistencies are mine.


Bottom of first page/top of second is how Jean-Paul and Jono met.

Second page first panel: Feverpitch attacks Jono’s father in hospital.

Second page second panel: Jono goes up against a baby Cthuloid to save JP’s life.

Second page third panel: Jean-Paul tries to keep Jono conscious after yon Brit is hit with inhibitor tech.

Mad love, James, darling. :) We must do this again sometime.

ETA: How’s about I put up the pages with text on them, hmmm? Amateur lettering is also mine; do not blame the artist.

You, m’lady, are way too kind.

I had a blast doing those, and I’m over the moon that you liked them! I still need to get around to sending you the originals, though! I promise I’ll make up for the delay! ;)